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AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open Standard ARchitecture) is a promising initiative that aims at establishing open standards for automotive E/E architecture. AUTOSAR compliant basic software ensures independency of the application software from the underlying hardware and allows modularity as well as...


A new line of San Francisco-style sourdough bread: "Au bon moulin" company- the authentic bread

Rapport de stage de 16 pages de 2011 - Management organisation

“Au bon Moulin” was created in 2000 in France by Dubois' family. This familial bakery opened its doors with a new concept for the bakery industry. Indeed, Dubois' family wanted to make “green bread” with raw materials produced ecologically and make their bread in ecological...


La société OPVE Open Vente développe depuis 2 ans un réseau de boutiques éphémères. Les boutiques éphémères dites pop‘up store sont basées sur de nouvelles méthodes de ventes. Leur existence peut aller de quelques jours à plusieurs mois, car ces boutiques occupent des locaux commerciaux...


The development of teaching Nicolas

Rapport de stage de 15 pages de 2010 - Stratégie

The entry of Great Britain in the European Union in 1973 started the opening of the market of wine to a larger audience. This product became in a few years, a product of great consumption in England. It is on this report that the Castel group decides to make open stores in London. But the...


Business Ethics: Dior

Rapport de stage de 10 pages de 2011 - Stratégie

Christian Dior was founded in 1905 in Normandy. In 1946, Dior opened his legendary home at 30 Avenue Montaigne. In February 1947, Dior launched his first collection called Corolle, where women were drawn like flowers. It was the beginning of the success story. Every fashion book said that the...


ELB International Trading & Sourcing Company, China June/ July 2008

Rapport de stage de 14 pages de 2009 - Marketing international

China, 'The monster', 'The dragon of Asia', many names can define the perfectly economic, demographic, and geopolitic weight of this country in the world. Newly on the front of the international media stage due to the Olympic Games, China also speaks about it's economic ground. According to the...


Does Islamic finance have the potential to develop in France?

Rapport de stage de 4 pages de 2011 - Théories économiques

Since the opening of the first Islamic bank in Egypt in 1963, Islamic finance has exponentially increased in influence and visibility worldwide. While it remains a small player in the world of finance (0.5%), Islamic finance is becoming increasingly important due to significant increases in oil...


The downfall of Lehman Brothers and its relation to the current financial crisis

Rapport de stage de 15 pages de 2011 - Théories économiques

In this report, we will study the financial crisis experienced by the Lehman Brothers and its subsequent collapse in 2008. Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. was a global financial-services firm, and one of the most important primary dealers in the U.S. with respect to treasury securities and...


Starbucks coffee: Service analysis

Rapport de stage de 5 pages de 2011 - Management organisation

The first Starbucks store opened in 1970 in Seattle in the US. It was at first, only a coffees beans retailer. After ten years, Howard Shultz joined the company, and after a business trip to Italy in 1983 where he discovered the concept of coffee cafes, he tried to introduce it to the Board of...

Créée en 1992 après un partenariat entre deux associations, Azur Sport Organisation est une association de type loi 1901 et affiliée à la fédération française d'athlétisme. Basée à Nice (département des Alpes-Maritimes) et spécialisée dans l'événementiel sportif, elle organise de grandes épreuves...


The British Council (2009-2010)

Rapport de stage de 7 pages de 2010 - Stratégie

My school HEM (High Establishment of Management) organized a special training that is scheduled in the middle of the academic year during 6 weeks for its student's, by choosing one of the institutes within or outside our country specialized in teaching English as a language that it's used in many...


Tourism in South Africa

Rapport de stage de 5 pages de 2010 - Questions sociales

South Africa is the leading destination of the Africa continent with 9 million international tourists. The country is really opened up to tourism in during early 90's, at the end of apartheid regime. This activity, although recent, has known a considerable growth, due to an important rise in...


McDonald's: Strategic challenge and SWOT analysis

Rapport de stage de 47 pages de 2010 - Stratégie

In the 90s, the firm had to cope with a number of challenges: The microwave oven, increasing health consciousness and competition. In 1999, as Jack Greenberg took over the reins of the firm, the situation was complicated due to competition between fast-food giants. McDonald's timelines:...


Walmart Overseas: An analysis

Rapport de stage de 13 pages de 2011 - Stratégie

The idea behind what would become Walmart was a store that would offer a large variety and volume of products offered at low prices, everyday. Sam and J.L. Walton, the founders of Walmart, believed that American small towns would benefit from a large retail shopping center because of the everyday...


The French economic diplomacy towards China

Rapport de stage de 7 pages de 2012 - Relations internationales

Bilateral trade between France and China has developed dramatically over the last twenty years. From about €10 billion in 1995, trade volume increased to more than €40 billion today. The annual growth rates of these exchanges- apart from 2009, marked by the global crisis- have reached...


Rapport de stage au sein de la société Fountaine Pajot Catamarans S.A.

Rapport de stage de 8 pages de 2011 - Ressources humaines

Créée en 1976, la société FOUNTAINE PAJOT, a commencé sa production de catamarans de croisière à partir de 1983. Dès 1980, Fountaine Pajot change de dimension en fabriquant des voiliers qui seront champions du monde et gagneront la course en solitaire du Figaro. La réputation du chantier dans le...


Luxury goods in China

Rapport de stage de 4 pages de 2011 - Stratégie

The increasing demand for luxury goods can be traced back to two important factors. Firstly the transition of China from a planned economy to a market economy and the opening of borders to foreign trade in 1978 have allowed luxury brands to penetrate the Chinese market. Secondly, this reform of...


Rapport de stage Master ESC à Londres chez Cerner UK

Rapport de stage de 9 pages de 2011 - Management organisation

Je suis arrivé le 26 août 2006 au sein de l'entreprise Cerner. Je faisais parti du premier programme de stage d'été anglais de la société Cerner. Nous étions alors six stagiaires, trois Français, un Espagnol, un Anglais et un Allemand. Les premiers jours du stage nous avons été reçus par divers...


Rapport de stage Master 2 Banque Finance en brokerage (courtage)

Rapport de stage de 28 pages de 2012 - Management organisation

[...] Oddo Securities exerce une activité de broker. Concrètement, Oddo est habilité à négocier des ordres sur les marchés pour le compte de ses clients qui exercent tous une activité de gestion institutionnelle. Ce sont donc des banques, des assurances, des sociétés de gestion privée ou encore...


Le transport aérien est devenu ces trente dernières années un acteur économique majeur des pays industrialisés. Il a d'une part soutenu la mondialisation de l'économie, permettant la création de groupes internationaux, où les cadres supérieurs se déplacent dans leurs différentes filiales....

My work placement in Northern Ireland took place on the Loughry Campus, which provides education and training programs for students who aspire to pursue a career in the agro-food industry and also for postgraduate persons. In recent years, Loughry has developed a wide range of courses in Food...


La conduite du changement en entreprise (entité : BULL Support Logiciel, 2009)

Rapport de stage de 49 pages de 2010 - Management organisation

Dans le cadre de mon projet professionnel, qui est de devenir dans les prochaines années responsable marketing, j'ai réalisé mon stage au sein de Bull Support Logiciel, entité appartenant au Groupe Bull en tant qu'assistant marketing.


Rapport de stage : CRM et le marketing

Rapport de stage de 47 pages de 2012 - Management organisation

L'existence de la concurrence dans une économie de marché demande de prêter une attention particulière aux problèmes de gestion de la relation client (GRC) (CRM, voir lexique page 49). En effet, la satisfaction du client est sans doute l'un des facteurs de réussite les plus importants pour...


Etude et mise en place d'une solution cloud computing

Rapport de stage de 52 pages de 2014 - Informatique

Il y a quelques années, on nommait ASP (Application Service Provider) le fait de proposer une application sous forme de service. En remontant un peu plus loin en arrière, dans les années 60, IBM proposait déjà l'informatique « on-demand ». Les années 80 furent aussi le début des concepts de...


Placement report: The launch of eBay in an OXFAM charity shop

Rapport de stage de 50 pages de 2008 - Management organisation

From the 13th of May to the 4th of August, I was in Bristol, a town from the South West of England. From the beginning, I knew that I wanted to go to England because it is the nearest country to learn English and also because I was interested to discover its culture its system a little more. My...


Rapport de stage en vente au sein de Celio Annecy-Epargny

Rapport de stage de 37 pages de 2020 - Marketing mode

Cela fait désormais quelques années que j'avais pour ambition d'exercer un métier relatif à la vente (notamment celui de commercial). J'ai donc réalisé mon AVA (Action de Vente Appliquée) au sein du magasin Celio Annecy-Epagny, pour découvrir en quoi consistait réellement la vente en magasin, et...


Walt Disney World in Orlando: trainee as park greeter (2008)

Rapport de stage de 12 pages de 2009 - Management organisation

I stayed for two and a half months at the Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I worked at the main entrance of Typhoon Lagoon, and thereafter in the Water Park as a park greeter. I was determined to work at Walt Disney World because I was sure that I would acquire sufficient experience and...

INET Consulting est une entreprise qui offre un spectre complet de solutions et conseils informatiques, surfant ainsi entre le développement et la gestion des logiciels, l'intégration des systèmes, le développement des applications clients, l'intégration des applications ainsi que leur migration...


La sécurité informatique

Rapport de stage de 80 pages de 2007 - Informatique

La sécurité informatique est un souci croissant qui peut-être abordé sur plusieurs fronts. Le développement d'une application d'e-learning concernant la sécurité informatique est un moyen d'accroître la sécurité du côté utilisateur. Le but d'une telle application est de modifier les habitudes des...

This is the report about my placement in EUREKA!, the children's museum in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. In the following pages, this report attempts to highligh a global view of a design project such as a children's waiting room in a hospital and on a wider scale, the work of an exhibition...