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22 Nov. 2011

The implementation of Kosta Boda in the French market

Rapport de stage - 15 pages - Stratégie

Kosta Boda is a Sweden company of design and making high quality of glassware and art glass. Founded in 1742, Kosta Boda is today a reference in this sector in Sweden. Its originality, its know-how and numbers of famous designers inside the company gave to Kosta Boda an image of luxury,...

02 Nov. 2011

A new line of San Francisco-style sourdough bread: "Au bon moulin" company- the authentic bread

Rapport de stage - 16 pages - Management organisation

“Au bon Moulin” was created in 2000 in France by Dubois' family. This familial bakery opened its doors with a new concept for the bakery industry. Indeed, Dubois' family wanted to make “green bread” with raw materials produced ecologically and make their bread in ecological...

24 avril 2008

Rapport de stage chez "Associated Merchandising Corporation"

Rapport de stage - 33 pages - Finance

Le stage de deuxième année nous offre la possibilité de faire une première approche avec le monde de l'entreprise. Voulant m'orienter vers le métier d'acheteur plus tard la société AMC, bureau d'imports-exports international pour les grands magasins est en adéquation avec mes...

02 Janv. 2011

Analysis of a Heineken advertisement

Rapport de stage - 10 pages - Marketing tourisme

This is a video commercial made by the Dutch brewer Heineken. The commercial begins at a house party, which is probably a house warming party hosted by a couple. The lady shows her friends around and suddenly walks through the master bedroom and into a gigantic walk-in-closet. Her four friends...

11 Janv. 2011

Business Ethics - Managing Utopia

Rapport de stage - 3 pages - Management organisation

Since the first Industrial Revolution, which began in the eighteenth century, but which spread mainly in the nineteenth century, the methods of management have changed. Nowadays, the main target for firms is profit. To achieve this goal, companies do everything they can to be the most...

06 déc. 2011

The Distribution Channel

Rapport de stage - 64 pages - Stratégie

A distribution channel is a way of delivering goods and services between the manufacturers and the customers. The distribution channel is chosen to cover the widest possible target market Choices of the decisions about the product (definition, caracteristics, packaging…) What is...

19 déc. 2011

The launch of hairdressing salon "Tchip" in Australia

Rapport de stage - 32 pages - Stratégie

The objective of this report is to launch the hairdressing salon “Tchip” in Australia. In France, Tchip is directed by Franck François and is part of the VOG group. Franck Francois is the founder of the concept of low cost hair salons and nowadays, Tchip is the leader in its sector. Its...

09 Nov. 2011

Strategic Marketing of Caroll in China

Rapport de stage - 16 pages - Théories marketing

The fashion sector is a constantly an evolving sector. In order to be successful and sustainable in this sector, it is essential to keep it updated with the new trends. It is important to have consumer awareness, in order to propose clothes according to their needs. It is a constant race between...

16 Sept. 2009

Dunnes Stores Georges Street - Loyalty Card Program

Rapport de stage - 14 pages - Marketing consommateur

The purpose of this study is to understand how loyalty programs represent a specific area with specific rules to be efficient and attracting customers with special rewards requires constant adaptation in the approach of driving a promotional strategy. Among the changes associated with the...

20 Nov. 2010

International Strategic management: Coach Incorporation

Rapport de stage - 21 pages - Stratégie

Two types of customers: The consumers = products directly sold to the customers The department stores = buy wholesale products   Two clear consumer targets: Consumers with high purchase power = Buy the products for their design, style(full-price stores) Buy various products per year =...

06 févr. 2011

Overview of SWOT framework

Rapport de stage - 7 pages - Management organisation

An organization often analyzes the following: How to develop a product, complete a project and solve a problem. The question then arises: How to carry out the above actions? The first step is to set a goal then define the objectives, constraints and finally describe the limits of the action (What...

02 Janv. 2012

The French economic diplomacy towards China

Rapport de stage - 7 pages - Relations internationales

Bilateral trade between France and China has developed dramatically over the last twenty years. From about €10 billion in 1995, trade volume increased to more than €40 billion today. The annual growth rates of these exchanges- apart from 2009, marked by the global crisis- have reached...

01 Sept. 2009

Rapport de stage au sein de Genova Robot : contrôle, génération, gestion et planification de trajectoires de robots mobiles

Rapport de stage - 43 pages - Informatique

Le sujet global du stage concerne le contrôle, la génération, la gestion, et la planification des trajectoires de robots mobiles.

22 avril 2009

Developing the Museums' volunteer programmed: "intouch:insideout" project

Rapport de stage - 14 pages - Arts

The brief for this project is to develop the intouch volunteer programme that is currently run by the Imperial War Museum North (IWMN) and the Manchester Museum. The funding for the current scheme is due to expire in 2009 (Management studies briefing 2008) and a key aspect of the project is to...

12 Mars 2008

Internship Report - Publicis Frankfurt GmbH (2006)

Rapport de stage - 43 pages - Marketing des services

I undertook and completed my 1st year internship assignment within the highly reputed international German advertising agency Publicis Frankfurt GmbH from 1st September 2005 to 31st July 2006. Publicis Frankfurt is ranked among Germany's top 4 advertising agencies. Publicis Frankfurt has a...

30 mai 2007

Dorel Juvenile Group

Rapport de stage - 9 pages - Marketing produit

Dorel Juvenile Group is a part of Dorel Industries, which is a global consumer products company. Dorel Industries is divided into three independent business segments: Juvenile, Home Furnishings and Leisure. Dorel employs approximately 4,800 people and its products are sold over 60 countries all...

13 févr. 2008

Placement report: Assurances générales de France of Allianz AGF

Rapport de stage - 24 pages - Finance

The AGF Group is a major player in insurance and financial services, both in France and in more than twenty countries around the world. It has more than 60 billion clients from more than 70 countries world-wide. Backed by the n° 1 in European insurance, Allianz AG, of which it is a major entity,...

30 Mars 2011

MaxRoam analysis

Rapport de stage - 10 pages - Stratégie

MaxRoam is a service provided by Cubic Telecom, a global mobile communications company. Actually, MaxRoam is a small agency based in Ireland, which employs currently less than 20 people. MaxRoam was the first to sell micro Sims for iPads, beating all the big telecommunications companies. MaxRoam...

02 Nov. 2011

Integration of E-business within the company - The Redoute

Rapport de stage - 12 pages - Stratégie

The Redoute was created in the 1820s. In the past, it was a company specialized in woolen shadowing. Its founder, Charles Pollet, named it in honor of the street where the company was originally implanted, it was the street of “The Redoute”, in Roubaix, in the North of France. For more...

11 avril 2012

Informe de Practicas internacional en Perú

Rapport de stage - 17 pages - Marketing tourisme

Tuve la oportunidad hacer mis prácticas en una agencia de viajes y tour operador en el Perú: Exclusive Perú. Esta empresa fue creada por David Galindo hace 10 años como la empresa Extreme Perú. David Galindo creó Exclusive Perú, especializada en el turismo tradicional, para hacer beneficios...

19 déc. 2011

The impact of smart phones on business and private life

Rapport de stage - 90 pages - Management organisation

Since few years, mobile phone market is changing radically and many new mobile phones, called smart phones or intelligence phones are entering on the market and have produced a boom. Before, those intelligence phones were only dedicated to professional persons, but mobile manufacturer felt that...

19 mai 2008

Rapport de stage en entreprise effectué à la Deutsche Bank Paris

Rapport de stage - 12 pages - Finance

Rapport de stage en entreprise rédigé en classe de Première ES. J'ai effectué un stage d'observation à la Deutsche Bank à Paris.

03 Janv. 2011

Lustucru Lunch Box: Reviewing the distribution strategy of the Lunch Box

Rapport de stage - 60 pages - Stratégie

Analysis: 1. Story of Lustucru & the Lunch Box: Assessing Lustucru brand expertise on the market 2. The Lunch Box in stores: Assessing Lustucru category management & Supply Chain expertise 3. Channels profiling: Searching for new ideas to develop the Lunch Box presence in distribution channels...

14 févr. 2008

Chasseur de têtes et cabinet de recrutement : quels sont leurs secrets ?

Rapport de stage - 8 pages - Ressources humaines

Le cabinet de recrutement de part sa définition est une agence ou un bureau dont le but principal est d'accompagner le développement professionnel d'un candidat dont le profil, les compétences, et les attentes correspondent précisément aux demandes de l'entreprise et de son coeur de...

03 déc. 2012

Rapport de stage Master 2 Banque Finance en brokerage (courtage)

Rapport de stage - 28 pages - Management organisation

[...] Oddo Securities exerce une activité de broker. Concrètement, Oddo est habilité à négocier des ordres sur les marchés pour le compte de ses clients qui exercent tous une activité de gestion institutionnelle. Ce sont donc des banques, des assurances, des sociétés de gestion privée ou encore...

04 Mars 2008

Mathematical Solution for the attitude of Phoenix lander's radar (rapport de stage)

Rapport de stage - 27 pages - Mathématiques

I was very lucky to go to the United States and finally get this kind of an internship because, I had been given the opportunity to work in one of the most productive scientific sector of the country, The Californian Institute of Technology. This American college is one of the research centres of...

16 juil. 2008

Training Period Report at Issues & Answers

Rapport de stage - 40 pages - Marketing des services

My work placement as an international intern in the global Market Research company named Issues & Answers Network, allowed me to discover the Market Research field and to work in an international environment coping with different cultures. Furthermore, this work placement allowed me to discover...

10 août 2009

Micro-contact printing for immobilization of DNA on surfaces

Rapport de stage - 35 pages - Biologie

The growing interest in DNA biochips for rapid detection of diseases, infections, genetic contaminations, and hereditary illnesses necessitates the understanding of how DNA macromolecules may be immobilized on surfaces with high density, reproducibility and precision. These are the reasons why...

25 Oct. 2010

McDonald's Company profile and SWOT analysis

Rapport de stage - 28 pages - Stratégie

Largest fast food chain in the world Our focus: - McDonald's America - McDonald's Thailand Founded in 1940 in San Bernardino, CA by Dick and Mac McDonald, McDonald's began franchising in 1955 with the implementation of “speedee service system”. The fast food chain is currently...

19 déc. 2011

Luxury goods in China

Rapport de stage - 4 pages - Stratégie

The increasing demand for luxury goods can be traced back to two important factors. Firstly the transition of China from a planned economy to a market economy and the opening of borders to foreign trade in 1978 have allowed luxury brands to penetrate the Chinese market. Secondly, this reform of...