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Change management: The difficulties in applying change processes

Rapport de stage de 8 pages de 2010 - Management organisation

When a company witnesses an important growth or change period, the entrepreneur and the executives needs to manage the changes and adapt the organization to its new expectations. They have to adapt the company to the new demand and ensure this expansion without damaging their global...


The brief for this project is to develop the intouch volunteer programme that is currently run by the Imperial War Museum North (IWMN) and the Manchester Museum. The funding for the current scheme is due to expire in 2009 (Management studies briefing 2008) and a key aspect of the project is to...

During June and July, I did my first internship in a public relations company based in London, called Bell Pottinger. I didn't know exactly what the challenges were in this field, so it was a chance to learn many new things. Chime Communications PLC is the holding company of 35 companies which...


The company :Safety Matic

Rapport de stage de 9 pages de 2010 - Marketing consommateur

During the second year in INSEEC Paris, we, the students have to fulfill a three month training period in a foreign country in a commercial function or any other function allowing us to ameliorate English, Spanish or the German language in order to have a concrete approach of foreign experience....


Placement report: Assurances générales de France of Allianz AGF

Rapport de stage de 24 pages de 2008 - Finance

The AGF Group is a major player in insurance and financial services, both in France and in more than twenty countries around the world. It has more than 60 billion clients from more than 70 countries world-wide. Backed by the n° 1 in European insurance, Allianz AG, of which it is a major...


Une agence évènementielle ou de communication événementielle est chargée d'imaginer et d'organiser différents types d'évènements commandités par des entreprises, des particuliers, des associations ou des institutions publiques. Chaque évènement est imaginé pour correspondre au mieux à la...


Walt Disney World in Orlando: trainee as park greeter (2008)

Rapport de stage de 12 pages de 2009 - Management organisation

I stayed for two and a half months at the Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I worked at the main entrance of Typhoon Lagoon, and thereafter in the Water Park as a park greeter. I was determined to work at Walt Disney World because I was sure that I would acquire sufficient experience and...


The ethic issues concerning the fur industry

Rapport de stage de 7 pages de 2009 - Marketing luxe

I have always been very interested in fashion. For the last six months, I have been working as a communication manager's assistant at Victoria Couture, a luxury brand company that deals with clothing and accessories (bags, jewels and watches) for women and for children. My job profile consisted...


The Blue Grass Band

Rapport de stage de 5 pages de 2008 - Marketing des services

The internship started mid- January and lasted until the end of May. We worked as an independent team for the Bluegrass Band. The primary objective of this internship was to provide the band with three dates for them to perform in California, especially in Los Angeles and San Diego. Indeed...


ELB International Trading & Sourcing Company, China June/ July 2008

Rapport de stage de 14 pages de 2009 - Marketing international

China, 'The monster', 'The dragon of Asia', many names can define the perfectly economic, demographic, and geopolitic weight of this country in the world. Newly on the front of the international media stage due to the Olympic Games, China also speaks about it's economic ground. According to the...


Strategic thinking for managers

Rapport de stage de 12 pages de 2012 - Stratégie

As the EFE Matrix in this document shows, the most important external factors in order to be successful in the industry are technological advancements and the fact that only 10% of the hearing affected people actually possess the hearing aid. Local health policies like in France, for example,...


Rapport stage chez Décathlon

Rapport de stage de 12 pages de 2009 - Sport

Les univers sportifs : Le magasin est structuré en 9 univers sportifs. Je travaille au sein de l'univers forme qui est lui-même composé de 7 rayons : matériel fitness, Sport de combat, Gym-danse, Habillement homme, femme, junior (fille et garçon) et baby. Chaque collaborateur est responsabilisé...


Rapport de stage dans une brasserie

Rapport de stage de 11 pages de 2006 - Management organisation

Rapport de stage en anglais réalisé dans une brasserie à Malte. Celui-ci présente dans un premier temps l'entreprise, puis le système organisationnel de l'entreprise, avant d'aborder une critique sur le système de management. Document de 11 pages au format Word.


Achèvement d'un site internet pour un centre d'appels délocalisé

Rapport de stage de 39 pages de 2009 - Communication

Ce stage de deux mois au sein du centre d'appel d'XXX à Yy au YY a été effectué à l'issue de l'année de licence de gestion dans le cadre d'une convention avec l'école. Mon rôle a consisté à terminer le site internet inachevé, outils indispensables pour la communication de l'entreprise. Les...


Internship Report - Publicis Frankfurt GmbH (2006)

Rapport de stage de 43 pages de 2008 - Marketing des services

I undertook and completed my 1st year internship assignment within the highly reputed international German advertising agency Publicis Frankfurt GmbH from 1st September 2005 to 31st July 2006. Publicis Frankfurt is ranked among Germany's top 4 advertising agencies. Publicis Frankfurt has a...


Organizational Behavior

Rapport de stage de 10 pages de 2009 - Management organisation

I did a three-month internship in a real estate agency at Rennes. My main missions were to sell the company products, such as flats, land and houses. I also did some marketing tasks such as benchmarking and made a training course about negotiation and trade for employees. This internship and my...


Internship report in Fleetway Travel Plc

Rapport de stage de 20 pages de 2008 - Marketing produit

During 4 months, I had the opportunity to be an intern at Fleetway Travel Plc. The company, based in the heart of Central London, offers many travel products at competitive prices, including tailor-made breaks, flights, hotels, car hire, and travel insurance. I had never worked in the tourism...


Rapport de stage ouvrier au sein de l'entreprise Renault

Rapport de stage de 26 pages de 2006 - Management organisation

Rapport de stage ouvrier d'une durée de un mois effectué à l'usine Renault de Choisy-le-Roi (usine d'échange standard). Le but du rapport consiste à exposer une analyse systémique de l'entreprise, une analyse organisationnelle ainsi qu'un exposé sur un sujet libre (ici l'utilisation de la...


Visual Arts Technician at the Drumcroon Gallery

Rapport de stage de 14 pages de 2011 - Arts

This report is constructed as follows: the first part presents the gallery explaining its functioning and its philosophy in order to make my role in the organization easier to understand in the second part. The third part of the report analyses the problems I had to face, and what I learnt during...


Living one semester abroad: Overseas experience report

Rapport de stage de 24 pages de 2010 - Sciences de l'éducation

But when I look back now that summer seemed to last forever and if I had the choice yes, I'd always want to be there. Those were the best days of my life'. This quotation of Canadian singer Bryan Adams sums up pretty well what I think about my exchange program in the United States, with only one...


Rapport de stage: Association V-Glob Volontaire-globalisation (Placement report)

Rapport de stage de 15 pages de 2008 - Relations internationales

Attracted by humanitarian work since a very long time, I seized the opportunity given to me during my third year of 'applied foreign languages' studies to do a work placement in a non-profit organisation in a third world country. I had been unable to find a placement during term time, as I was...


Recommendations on employee involvement in Fiat in England

Rapport de stage de 3 pages de 2010 - Management organisation

Three persons work everyday aiming to improve service and sales, to improve the dialog between financial divisions and car dealers and to gain the loyalty of customers if they buy another Fiat or another brand. Each goal or new mission is decided by the manager and employees are not...


Rapport de stage de fin d'études - Ailancy, conseil en stratégie

Rapport de stage de 21 pages de 2019 - Stratégie

Ailancy est un cabinet de conseil en organisation, fondé en 2008. Le cabinet se trouve au 32 rue de Ponthieu dans le 8e arrondissement de Paris. Ailancy est spécialisé dans le secteur de l'industrie financière. En 10 ans, le cabinet a réalisé plus 500 missions auprès de ses clients : des banques...


Rapport de stage: Renault

Rapport de stage de 15 pages de 2008 - Marketing automobile

Mon stage se déroule au sein de la Direction de Métiers de Réseau (DMR) de la Direction du Service. J'y ai été accueillie par Mme. Marie-Laure Viallard, mon responsable de stage, le Chef du Service Développement Réseau. Ce stage intitulé « Aide à la mise en place d'une stratégie de...

Les déploiements et montées de version d'ERP sont identifiés comme l'une des cinq priorités technologiques d'après les chefs d'entreprises, selon les études conduites par Morgan Stanley . Aujourd'hui, pendant que certaines entreprises stabilisent leurs infrastructures et adaptent leur processus à...

How does one analyze Human Resources? "Human resources" is based on reason and knowledge and is a term used to refer to how people are managed by organizations. The objective of human resources development is to foster human resourcefulness through enlightened ethics and cohesive policies in...


Probation report: Six week training course at the Lannion local mission

Rapport de stage de 11 pages de 2011 - Psychologie

This report is a summary of my probation during my third year as faculty of the psychology department. This work had been requested by my faculty for the validation of my license in the year 2009-2010. I did this training course at the local mission of Lannion for six weeks, alternating this...

Une petite entreprise située dans le secteur de l'événementiel doit mettre tous les moyens en oeuvre pour se développer. Afin d'atteindre cet objectif, la réponse aux appels d'offres constitue une mission préalable au développement commercial de l'entreprise. Ce système permet la passation de...

La marque Rossignol est aujourd'hui en pleine mutation. Elle recherche une nouvelle identité afin de s'imposer davantage sur le marché de l'équipement sportif de montagne. Cela se traduit par le développement d'une accroche forte en terme de message publicitaire et Rossignol souhaite devenir une...


Internship report: Hypovereinsbank

Rapport de stage de 17 pages de 2007 - Management organisation

In the south east of Asia, Hong Kong is located on the eastern side of the Pearl River Delta. The territory was a British colony since 1842 and returned to China in 1997. Since this date, Hong Kong is called The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Half independent, half Chinese, the region...