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Focus Electric

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During the course of BA in business management (final year), we had to work in a foreign country. To improve my level of English, I took up an internship in Nu-Lec Industries, a company of Schneider Electric located in Brisbane in Australia. Schneider Electric is a worldwide company...


Proton exchange membrane fuel cell

Rapport de stage de 26 pages de 2010 - Physique

My three month internship took place in National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in Tainan, south city of Taiwan. The National Cheng Kung University is ranked the second among all universities nationwide. I worked in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The Department focuses on intense...

AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open Standard ARchitecture) is a promising initiative that aims at establishing open standards for automotive E/E architecture. AUTOSAR compliant basic software ensures independency of the application software from the underlying hardware and allows modularity as well as...


The downfall of Lehman Brothers and its relation to the current financial crisis

Rapport de stage de 15 pages de 2011 - Théories économiques

In this report, we will study the financial crisis experienced by the Lehman Brothers and its subsequent collapse in 2008. Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. was a global financial-services firm, and one of the most important primary dealers in the U.S. with respect to treasury securities and...


Importance of HRM for small and medium sized companies

Rapport de stage de 6 pages de 2011 - Ressources humaines

At the time of globalization, organizations, which can be regarded as an entity or a social system in its own right, are being forced to adapt to business environments which involve quick responses to change, such as new laws, social trends and a new segment of customers, in order to sustain...


The Truman Show: Movie Review

Rapport de stage de 6 pages de 2011 - Cinéma

Many elements in the Truman Show illustrate the reality of our current society and how it works. I will particularly talk about the attitude of viewers who, perhaps unwittingly, are partly responsible for the broadcasting of this kind of program (reality TV shows). I shall also tackle the ethical...

Les lagunes à hautes charges (désignées par l'acronyme anglais HRAP pour High Rate Algal Ponds) sont des systèmes naturels destinés à l'épuration d'eaux résiduelles issues de l'industrie ou de zones urbaines. Ce système repose sur une interaction entre les micro-algues de ces lagunes (qui...

Dans le cadre de ma licence professionnelle Management de la Qualité à l'IUT d'Evry, j'ai effectué mon contrat d'alternance dans une entreprise de production. J'ai intégré la focus liquides de l'usine COLGATE PALMOLIVE de Compiègne où j'ai effectué un stage de 12 mois en tant qu'apprentie...


Training Period Report at Issues & Answers

Rapport de stage de 40 pages de 2008 - Marketing des services

My work placement as an international intern in the global Market Research company named Issues & Answers Network, allowed me to discover the Market Research field and to work in an international environment coping with different cultures. Furthermore, this work placement allowed me to discover...


Book review: Bicameralism

Rapport de stage de 4 pages de 2011 - Sciences politiques

The book Bicameralism, by George Tsebelis and Jeannette Money, was published in 1997 by New York: Cambridge University Press. As indicated by the sober title, the authors study bicameralism, or a “legislature that involves two distinct chambers in its deliberation” - from the Latin bi...


AMD: A customer-centric approach to innovation

Rapport de stage de 9 pages de 2011 - Management organisation

AMD was founded in 19691 by Jerry Sanders, formerly of Fairchild Semiconductor. The company started to focus on microprocessors in the mid 1970s. It designed and manufactured microprocessors for the computing, communications, and consumer electronics market. The company employed 9,000...


To what extent have the national foreign policies undermined EU-Chinese relations?

Rapport de stage de 8 pages de 2011 - Questions européennes

EU diplomatic relations with China were established in 1975 and are governed by the 1985 EU-China Trade and Cooperation Agreement and seven other legally binding agreements. This rapprochement between the two powers culminated in the setting up in 1988 of a delegation by the EC Commission in...


Defined-benefit and defined-contribution pension schemes

Rapport de stage de 4 pages de 2011 - Théories économiques

Nowadays pension funds are actors of the financial market that cannot be ignored; for example, the asset traded by these funds represented $29.5 trillion in 2009 and moreover, as stated by David Dodge , "pension funds have already become the largest institutional investors among G-10 countries"....


Events Management : The World Travel Market 2008

Rapport de stage de 19 pages de 2009 - Marketing tourisme

After an overview of the business market, I chose an Event in the UK environment: The World Travel Market 2008 which is a B2B exhibition taking place in London every year and which aims is to promote the travel market and it's actors and generate a network between them. Throughout this event, we...


Human resources and recruitment

Rapport de stage de 12 pages de 2012 - Ressources humaines

Privacy could be defined as “the freedom to selectively reveal one's self” (CSO Magazine, Logan Roots). Today, we may be frustrated by all the existing instruments created to collect those private pieces of information that most of the time we released by ourselves....


Rapport de stage commercial : école de langue

Rapport de stage de 34 pages de 2007 - Linguistique

This report deals with the methods of a language school. First and foremost, we will focus on how work a language school, and its features so different from the French system. In a second part, we will concentrate our review on the impact of Communication within a company. Eventually, the...


Rapport de stage de Master en Webmarketing / CyberMarketing

Rapport de stage de 21 pages de 2007 - Marketing produit

Présentation Powerpoint destiné à préparer une soutenance orale de rapport de stage de Master en Webmarketing. Qu'est-ce que le Cybermarketing ? Et quelles sont les relations avec le Marketing ? Présentation des outils du Cybermarketeur, avant de finir par un focus sur SearchMarketing...


McDonald's Company profile and SWOT analysis

Rapport de stage de 28 pages de 2010 - Stratégie

Largest fast food chain in the world Our focus: - McDonald's America - McDonald's Thailand Founded in 1940 in San Bernardino, CA by Dick and Mac McDonald, McDonald's began franchising in 1955 with the implementation of “speedee service system”. The fast food chain is...

Japan is, and always has been, seen as a group of mysterious islands, of which people knew little about, due to its far location from Europe and America. Indeed, 250 years of almost complete isolation of the country, which started in the 18th Century (Tokugawa Era) did not help the world to...

Burda Direct est une filiale du groupe Hubert Burda Media, l´un des plus grands groupes de médias en Allemagne. Créée en 1903, Burda est une entreprise familiale qui mêle tradition et innovation. A ses débuts, l´entreprise éditait des magazines pour le marché allemand mais au fil de sa...

La Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie du Loiret s'engage résolument dans une démarche d'amélioration de la qualité de la relation de service. Pourquoi la relation de service est-elle une préoccupation actuelle ? Parce que sa qualité constitue un des axes prioritaires du projet de Branche de...


The impact of smart phones on business and private life

Rapport de stage de 90 pages de 2011 - Management organisation

Since few years, mobile phone market is changing radically and many new mobile phones, called smart phones or intelligence phones are entering on the market and have produced a boom. Before, those intelligence phones were only dedicated to professional persons, but mobile manufacturer felt that...


Dans le cadre de ma formation comptant pour l'obtention de mon Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie en Informatique à l'I.U.T d'Orsay, j'ai effectué un stage au sein de la société Corebridge. C'est une société qui propose des solutions logicielles couvrant les domaines du couplage...


The launch of hairdressing salon "Tchip" in Australia

Rapport de stage de 32 pages de 2011 - Stratégie

The objective of this report is to launch the hairdressing salon “Tchip” in Australia. In France, Tchip is directed by Franck François and is part of the VOG group. Franck Francois is the founder of the concept of low cost hair salons and nowadays, Tchip is the leader in its sector. Its...


Dunnes Stores Georges Street - Loyalty Card Program

Rapport de stage de 14 pages de 2009 - Marketing consommateur

The purpose of this study is to understand how loyalty programs represent a specific area with specific rules to be efficient and attracting customers with special rewards requires constant adaptation in the approach of driving a promotional strategy. Among the changes associated with the...


Lustucru Lunch Box: Reviewing the distribution strategy of the Lunch Box

Rapport de stage de 60 pages de 2011 - Stratégie

Analysis: 1. Story of Lustucru & the Lunch Box: Assessing Lustucru brand expertise on the market 2. The Lunch Box in stores: Assessing Lustucru category management & Supply Chain expertise 3. Channels profiling: Searching for new ideas to develop the Lunch Box presence in distribution channels...


Diversity management and equal opportunities: Comparison of the two approaches

Rapport de stage de 4 pages de 2011 - Management organisation

Many types of initiatives have been taken by governments and organizations in order to promote women and minority groups. One that has been largely used for decades is the "equal opportunity" legislation. Equal opportunity is about assuring that every individual is treated on the same basis in...


La place d'internet dans le recrutement et les cabinets de recrutement

Rapport de stage de 23 pages de 2007 - Ressources humaines

Dans une économie en pleine mutation où tout s'accélère, la capacité à recruter, gérer et fidéliser des collaborateurs compétents et motivés fait désormais partie des critères prioritaires des entreprises. Les évolutions technologiques et notamment l'apparition des TIC (Technologies de...


Internship Report - Publicis Frankfurt GmbH (2006)

Rapport de stage de 43 pages de 2008 - Marketing des services

I undertook and completed my 1st year internship assignment within the highly reputed international German advertising agency Publicis Frankfurt GmbH from 1st September 2005 to 31st July 2006. Publicis Frankfurt is ranked among Germany's top 4 advertising agencies. Publicis Frankfurt has a...


Analysis of the shampoo market

Rapport de stage de 8 pages de 2011 - Marketing tourisme

Beauty and hair care product business is witnessed as a popular and fast growing business. Lots of people spend on beauty and hair care products like shampoo, hair conditioner, hair treatment and so on. So a hair care product has a great potential market because it has a significant influence on...