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Report of internship and scholarship in London, Asia and USA

Rapport de stage de 16 pages de 2007 - Marketing international

American people make very universal and formal workers. They plan everything and tend to never change their schedule. They are always looking for effectiveness and efficiency at work by imposing one way to resolve a problem and applying it everywhere in the company at any time or any place....


Living one semester abroad: Overseas experience report

Rapport de stage de 24 pages de 2010 - Sciences de l'éducation

But when I look back now that summer seemed to last forever and if I had the choice yes, I'd always want to be there. Those were the best days of my life'. This quotation of Canadian singer Bryan Adams sums up pretty well what I think about my exchange program in the United States, with only one...


Rapport de stage dans une radio associative - publié le 18/08/2010

Rapport de stage de 21 pages de 2010 - Autres médias

Lorsque nous avons contacté M. Dominique PEYRE pour lui proposer notre candidature pour ce stage, son enthousiasme et sa sympathie nous ont tout de suite mis à l'aise. Les missions qu'il nous a confié correspondaient parfaitement à plusieurs aspects de la formation. En effet, nous devions créer...


Rapport de stage commercial : école de langue

Rapport de stage de 34 pages de 2007 - Linguistique

This report deals with the methods of a language school. First and foremost, we will focus on how work a language school, and its features so different from the French system. In a second part, we will concentrate our review on the impact of Communication within a company. Eventually, the report...


Internship report in Fleetway Travel Plc

Rapport de stage de 20 pages de 2008 - Marketing produit

During 4 months, I had the opportunity to be an intern at Fleetway Travel Plc. The company, based in the heart of Central London, offers many travel products at competitive prices, including tailor-made breaks, flights, hotels, car hire, and travel insurance. I had never worked in the tourism...


The Truman Show: Movie Review

Rapport de stage de 6 pages de 2011 - Cinéma

Many elements in the Truman Show illustrate the reality of our current society and how it works. I will particularly talk about the attitude of viewers who, perhaps unwittingly, are partly responsible for the broadcasting of this kind of program (reality TV shows). I shall also tackle the ethical...


Rapport de stage chez S.T.A.T. à Milan

Rapport de stage de 10 pages de 2009 - Management organisation

I worked as a secretary during two months in a society called S.T.A.T. This company offers its services to small communes to collect taxes. Indeed in Italy each commune is intended to collect taxes for the state. There is no public service like the French one to collect taxes. It is the commune's...


Probation report: Six week training course at the Lannion local mission

Rapport de stage de 11 pages de 2011 - Psychologie

This report is a summary of my probation during my third year as faculty of the psychology department. This work had been requested by my faculty for the validation of my license in the year 2009-2010. I did this training course at the local mission of Lannion for six weeks, alternating this...


Carnet de voyages en management programme

Rapport de stage de 28 pages de 2011 - Marketing international

Ce document est mon carnet de voyage rédigé dans le cadre du Management Programme. Il regroupe les définitions de constat de départ, les résumés des modules de cours choisis, une bibliographie, et quelques lignes sur mes réalisations, rencontres et visites. Littéralement le mot management...


The launch of hairdressing salon "Tchip" in Australia

Rapport de stage de 32 pages de 2011 - Stratégie

The objective of this report is to launch the hairdressing salon “Tchip” in Australia. In France, Tchip is directed by Franck François and is part of the VOG group. Franck Francois is the founder of the concept of low cost hair salons and nowadays, Tchip is the leader in its sector. Its...


I was very lucky to go to the United States and finally get this kind of an internship because, I had been given the opportunity to work in one of the most productive scientific sector of the country, The Californian Institute of Technology. This American college is one of the research centres of...


Container Link

Rapport de stage de 10 pages de 2008 - Management organisation

On the occasion of my first year with the La Rochelle Graduate School of Management, I undertook my work placement in a company called Container Link, in Poole, in the south-east of England. This experience, lasting three months, gave me the opportunity to live through a total immersion in an...


MaxRoam analysis

Rapport de stage de 10 pages de 2011 - Stratégie

MaxRoam is a service provided by Cubic Telecom, a global mobile communications company. Actually, MaxRoam is a small agency based in Ireland, which employs currently less than 20 people. MaxRoam was the first to sell micro Sims for iPads, beating all the big telecommunications companies. MaxRoam...


Rapport de stage opérationnel : du B to B au B to C, cas d'un bureau d'étude

Rapport de stage de 64 pages de 2007 - Marketing consommateur

Rapport de stage d'une durée de 6 mois, effectué dans un bureau d'études spécialisé dans l'utilisation rationnelle de l'énergie.


Rapport de stage dans une entreprise anglaise

Rapport de stage de 16 pages de 2008 - Management organisation

On the occasion of my first year within La Rochelle Graduate School of Management, I made my work placement in the company Container Link, in Poole, in the south-east of England. This experience, lasting three months, is the opportunity to live through a total immersion in an English-speaking...


The sources of the constitution

Rapport de stage de 6 pages de 2012 - Sciences de l'éducation

The British constitution has developed pragmatically over time and contrary to das Grundgesetz, that is to say the Basic Law, or the French constitution for example, its sources cannot be found in one single document. The British constitution is non codified, flexible, monarchical, not...


Strategic Marketing of Caroll in China

Rapport de stage de 16 pages de 2011 - Théories marketing

The fashion sector is a constantly an evolving sector. In order to be successful and sustainable in this sector, it is essential to keep it updated with the new trends. It is important to have consumer awareness, in order to propose clothes according to their needs. It is a constant race between...


Rapport de stage BTS Hôtellerie-restauration dans un country club

Rapport de stage de 33 pages de 2010 - Management organisation

Le Glenmore Country Club est un golf, situé dans le centre de l'état de Virginie, aux Etats-Unis, et au sein duquel se trouve un club house. Durant toute ma formation en hôtellerie-restauration, je n'ai encore jamais eu l'occasion de travailler aux Etats-Unis, qui représente l'un des pays...


Analysis of a Heineken advertisement

Rapport de stage de 10 pages de 2011 - Marketing tourisme

This is a video commercial made by the Dutch brewer Heineken. The commercial begins at a house party, which is probably a house warming party hosted by a couple. The lady shows her friends around and suddenly walks through the master bedroom and into a gigantic walk-in-closet. Her...


Organizational Behavior

Rapport de stage de 10 pages de 2009 - Management organisation

I did a three-month internship in a real estate agency at Rennes. My main missions were to sell the company products, such as flats, land and houses. I also did some marketing tasks such as benchmarking and made a training course about negotiation and trade for employees. This internship...


Integration of E-business within the company - The Redoute

Rapport de stage de 12 pages de 2011 - Stratégie

The Redoute was created in the 1820s. In the past, it was a company specialized in woolen shadowing. Its founder, Charles Pollet, named it in honor of the street where the company was originally implanted, it was the street of “The Redoute”, in Roubaix, in the North of France. For more...


Organisation du tennis club d'Allinges

Rapport de stage de 4 pages de 2009 - Sport

Le tennis club d'Allinges est une association loi 1901 affiliée à la fédération française de tennis. Au cœur d'une petite ville de 4000 habitants près de Thonon-les-Bains, il compte 162 licenciés pour la saison en cours et revendique l'image d'un club où l'on pratique le tennis en loisir...


The downfall of Lehman Brothers and its relation to the current financial crisis

Rapport de stage de 15 pages de 2011 - Théories économiques

In this report, we will study the financial crisis experienced by the Lehman Brothers and its subsequent collapse in 2008. Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. was a global financial-services firm, and one of the most important primary dealers in the U.S. with respect to treasury securities and...


ELB International Trading & Sourcing Company, China June/ July 2008

Rapport de stage de 14 pages de 2009 - Marketing international

China, 'The monster', 'The dragon of Asia', many names can define the perfectly economic, demographic, and geopolitic weight of this country in the world. Newly on the front of the international media stage due to the Olympic Games, China also speaks about it's economic ground. According to the...


The development of teaching Nicolas

Rapport de stage de 15 pages de 2010 - Stratégie

The entry of Great Britain in the European Union in 1973 started the opening of the market of wine to a larger audience. This product became in a few years, a product of great consumption in England. It is on this report that the Castel group decides to make open stores in London. But the...


Missions commerciales et évènementielles au sein d'une structure sportive

Rapport de stage de 54 pages de 2009 - Marketing sportif

Après de multiples recherches, dans un milieu difficile à pénétrer, j'ai réussi à me faire une place au sein du centre indoor de football en salle de Saint Sébastien, Urban Football, pour remplir différentes missions logistiques, commerciales et évènementielles. Le but de ce stage répondait à une...


Savino Del Bene : transport international - enquête sur la satisfaction client

Rapport de stage de 71 pages de 2009 - Management organisation

Intéressé et souhaitant réaliser mon stage à l'étranger, dans un pays où serait employée la langue espagnole, ma recherche déboucha finalement sur une réponse positive au Mexique. Durant cette période de stage d'une durée de 2 mois, réalisé chez le commissionnaire de transport italien, Savino...


Book review: Bicameralism

Rapport de stage de 4 pages de 2011 - Sciences politiques

The book Bicameralism, by George Tsebelis and Jeannette Money, was published in 1997 by New York: Cambridge University Press. As indicated by the sober title, the authors study bicameralism, or a “legislature that involves two distinct chambers in its deliberation” - from the Latin bi...


La structure de mon rapport débutera par une présentation du groupe au niveau corporatif, complété par une analyse stratégique, afin de pouvoir ensuite la confronter à la dimension locale, en analysant en parallèle la position du secteur de la logistique en Espagne et plus précisément à la...


Rapport de communication événementielle : stage dans un club de golf

Rapport de stage de 20 pages de 2009 - Management organisation

Le secteur de la communication m'attire depuis longtemps mais l'idée que j'en avais était trop vague pour envisager une orientation professionnelle. Au travers des cours dispensés durant le DUT Techniques de commercialisation, j'ai pu me familiariser avec cette matière ce qui a confirmé mon...