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Comparison of the British counter terrorist policies and strategies: The IRA and Al Qaeda

Rapport de stage de 5 pages de 2011 - Relations internationales

This essay compares the British strategies toward two different cases: the IRA and Al Qaeda. It underlines the main similarities and differences in both cases and also gives an overview of their historical facts. Through the comparison of both cases, this essay shows how the similarities are...


Après une présentation de l'entreprise Fnac, puis de la Fnac Montparnasse et de son rayon DVD/Vidéo et enfin de ma mission tout au long de mon stage, j'analyserai la fidélisation des clients Fnac en me fondant parallèlement sur des aspects théoriques de la fidélisation d'une clientèle. Pour...


Events Management : The World Travel Market 2008

Rapport de stage de 19 pages de 2009 - Marketing tourisme

After an overview of the business market, I chose an Event in the UK environment: The World Travel Market 2008 which is a B2B exhibition taking place in London every year and which aims is to promote the travel market and it's actors and generate a network between them. Throughout this...


The development of teaching Nicolas

Rapport de stage de 15 pages de 2010 - Stratégie

The entry of Great Britain in the European Union in 1973 started the opening of the market of wine to a larger audience. This product became in a few years, a product of great consumption in England. It is on this report that the Castel group decides to make open stores in London. But the...

During June and July, I did my first internship in a public relations company based in London, called Bell Pottinger. I didn't know exactly what the challenges were in this field, so it was a chance to learn many new things. Chime Communications PLC is the holding company of 35 companies...


Internship report in Fleetway Travel Plc

Rapport de stage de 20 pages de 2008 - Marketing produit

During 4 months, I had the opportunity to be an intern at Fleetway Travel Plc. The company, based in the heart of Central London, offers many travel products at competitive prices, including tailor-made breaks, flights, hotels, car hire, and travel insurance. I had never worked in the...


Placement report: The launch of eBay in an OXFAM charity shop

Rapport de stage de 50 pages de 2008 - Management organisation

From the 13th of May to the 4th of August, I was in Bristol, a town from the South West of England. From the beginning, I knew that I wanted to go to England because it is the nearest country to learn English and also because I was interested to discover its culture its system a little more. My...


Crisis Management

Rapport de stage de 6 pages de 2011 - Management organisation

For decades, policymakers used theories developed by strategists to preserve vital national interests, during the Cold War for instance. However, the 09/11 attack entailed a radical change in the American security policy. Even on the greatest superpower, violent non-state actors could now inflict...


Rapport de stage: Association V-Glob Volontaire-globalisation (Placement report)

Rapport de stage de 15 pages de 2008 - Relations internationales

Attracted by humanitarian work since a very long time, I seized the opportunity given to me during my third year of 'applied foreign languages' studies to do a work placement in a non-profit organisation in a third world country. I had been unable to find a placement during term time, as I was...


Prospection et suivi de clientèle au sein de la société GT Consultancy

Rapport de stage de 5 pages de 2010 - Stratégie

L'entreprise « GT Consultancy » est spécialisée dans l'hypnothérapie et la psychothérapie. Elle est dirigée par G. T., qui détient des diplômes dans l'enseignement et la psychologie provenant de The University of London. Basé dans un cabinet de consultation confortable dans Maida Vale, G....


Event Merchandising Limited (rapport de stage 2006)

Rapport de stage de 17 pages de 2008 - Management organisation

Event Merchandising Limited develops and markets merchandise to a world-wide audience. It works closely with new and established brands. From blue chip corporate requirements to selling at live events, from setting up licensing programme to running online shops. Whether the requirement is for a...


Internship Report - Publicis Frankfurt GmbH (2006)

Rapport de stage de 43 pages de 2008 - Marketing des services

I undertook and completed my 1st year internship assignment within the highly reputed international German advertising agency Publicis Frankfurt GmbH from 1st September 2005 to 31st July 2006. Publicis Frankfurt is ranked among Germany's top 4 advertising agencies. Publicis Frankfurt has a...


L'entreprise Nicolas en Angleterre (rapport de stage)

Rapport de stage de 45 pages de 2008 - Marketing international

NICOLAS UK m'a permis de découvrir un secteur d'activité inconnu pour moi. Même si le milieu du vin m'attire assez, je n'avais jamais eu l'occasion d'avoir une expérience significative dans ce domaine. J'ai eu une expérience très enrichissante où j'ai beaucoup appris professionnellement, je...


Rapport de stage French Fairs

Rapport de stage de 29 pages de 2008 - Marketing tourisme

Nous jetterons tout d'abord un regard sur le contexte dans lequel évolue l'entreprise à travers les caractéristiques de Londres, nous présenterons ensuite l'entreprise qui m'a accueilli durant cette période à l'aide d'outils d'analyse. Puis, nous présenterons les grands traits de ma mission en...


Rapport de stage en prospection et suivi de clientèle de l'entreprise Markson Pianos

Rapport de stage de 12 pages de 2012 - Management organisation

Le premier objectif est d'augmenter la notoriété de l'entreprise, faire que les personnes pensent directement à Markson quand ils pensent aux pianos, et donc qu'ils se dirigent naturellement vers l'entreprise s'ils désirent louer / vendre un piano (Notoriété spontanée). Nom : Markson...


Rapport de stage effectué dans une société événementielle

Rapport de stage de 50 pages de 2007 - Management organisation

Rapport de stage (4 mois) au sein d'une société événementielle à Londres ayant pour objectif de présenter la situation de l'entreprise (Analyse SWOT / analyse du jeu concurrentiel de Porter et Analyse des domaines d'activités stratégiques) et les différentes missions réalisées au sein de cette...


British airways SWOT and PESTL analysis

Rapport de stage de 44 pages de 2010 - Stratégie

Support Activities: Infrastructure, Human Resource Management, Technology Development, Procurement.(the acquisition of appropriate goods and/or services at the best possible total cost of ownership to meet the needs of the purchaser in terms of quality and quantity, time, and location) Primary...


According to E. Bomber and A. Stubb (2003) , the European integration is ‘a process by which sovereign states relinquish (surrender or pool) national sovereignty to maximize their collective power and interests.' We notice that European integration involves different institutions where...


Human Resources Management Comparison: France and US

Rapport de stage de 10 pages de 2011 - Ressources humaines

Human Resources Management, summed up recently by Storey, is "a distinctive approach to employment management which seeks to achieve competitive advantage through the strategic deployment of a highly committed and capable workforce, using an array of cultural, structural and personnel techniques"...

Planning system in France and England shares many common points; there are different local authorities and territorial collectivity in each country, private and public sector plays an important role in the land-use planning… but there are also lots of differences; policy is not the same in...


Présentation de la Haute Couture anglaise

Rapport de stage de 5 pages de 2007 - Marketing produit

Présentation de la Haute Couture anglaise, ses inspirations, ses créateurs mais également sa clientèle. Document parsemé de synthèses en anglais.

‘EU enlargement generally means increasing the size of the Union by incorporating additional members. This is a process that can take a number of years, as the candidate states attempt to align their economy and regulatory structures to those agreed to by the existing members. The decision...


Carnet de voyages en management programme

Rapport de stage de 28 pages de 2011 - Marketing international

Ce document est mon carnet de voyage rédigé dans le cadre du Management Programme. Il regroupe les définitions de constat de départ, les résumés des modules de cours choisis, une bibliographie, et quelques lignes sur mes réalisations, rencontres et visites. Littéralement le mot management...


Container Link

Rapport de stage de 10 pages de 2008 - Management organisation

On the occasion of my first year with the La Rochelle Graduate School of Management, I undertook my work placement in a company called Container Link, in Poole, in the south-east of England. This experience, lasting three months, gave me the opportunity to live through a total immersion in an...

This is the report about my placement in EUREKA!, the children's museum in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. In the following pages, this report attempts to highligh a global view of a design project such as a children's waiting room in a hospital and on a wider scale, the work of an exhibition...


Does Islamic finance have the potential to develop in France?

Rapport de stage de 4 pages de 2011 - Théories économiques

Since the opening of the first Islamic bank in Egypt in 1963, Islamic finance has exponentially increased in influence and visibility worldwide. While it remains a small player in the world of finance (0.5%), Islamic finance is becoming increasingly important due to significant increases in oil...


To what extent is there a need for the European Union in 2010?

Rapport de stage de 5 pages de 2011 - Questions européennes

With the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty in December 2009, the ‘European Union begins 2010 with a new look', according to VOA News. The European Union has strengthened its institutions, with a new ‘president of the European Union'; Herman Von Rompuy and a new High Representative...

Dans ce mémoire de recherche, je vais tenter de répondre à ma problématique en présentant les possibilités d'investissement pour les français de l'étranger, ainsi que les meilleurs choix à faire en terme de placements en étant expatrié. Pour cela je vais m'appuyer sur des exemples concrets,...


Entreprise Chomette Dornberger Ltd

Rapport de stage de 7 pages de 2013 - Management organisation

L'entreprise Chomette a été fondée en 1884 par Jean Chomette et est située au Sud de Londres, entre Wandsworth et Wimbledon sur Merton Road. Dès son origine, elle fut le distributeur exclusif de la porcelaine Pillivuyt en Grande-Bretagne et en Irlande. En effet, l'entreprise Pillivuyt, créée en...


Rapport de stage dans une entreprise anglaise

Rapport de stage de 16 pages de 2008 - Management organisation

On the occasion of my first year within La Rochelle Graduate School of Management, I made my work placement in the company Container Link, in Poole, in the south-east of England. This experience, lasting three months, is the opportunity to live through a total immersion in an English-speaking...