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12 Sept. 2012

La stratégie de tarification de la Royal Air Maroc face Aux compagnies low cost

Rapport de stage - 27 pages - Stratégie

Le transport aérien est devenu ces trente dernières années un acteur économique majeur des pays industrialisés. Il a d'une part soutenu la mondialisation de l'économie, permettant la création de groupes internationaux, où les cadres supérieurs se déplacent dans leurs différentes filiales. D'autre...

19 déc. 2011

The launch of hairdressing salon "Tchip" in Australia

Rapport de stage - 32 pages - Stratégie

The objective of this report is to launch the hairdressing salon “Tchip” in Australia. In France, Tchip is directed by Franck François and is part of the VOG group. Franck Francois is the founder of the concept of low cost hair salons and nowadays, Tchip is the leader in...

09 avril 2010

SoWeb Agency, société de communication spécialisée dans la création de sites Internet

Rapport de stage - 12 pages - Marketing des services

So Web Agency est une société de communication spécialisée dans la création de sites Internet. Elle a été créée le premier février 2009 par Stéphane Lailheugue. La société travaille uniquement avec des professionnels en B2B (Business to Business) et son secteur d'activité est orienté sur le...

14 juin 2011

Walmart Overseas: An analysis

Rapport de stage - 13 pages - Stratégie

The idea behind what would become Walmart was a store that would offer a large variety and volume of products offered at low prices, everyday. Sam and J.L. Walton, the founders of Walmart, believed that American small towns would benefit from a large retail shopping center because of the...

18 Nov. 2010

British airways SWOT and PESTL analysis

Rapport de stage - 44 pages - Stratégie

Support Activities: Infrastructure, Human Resource Management, Technology Development, Procurement.(the acquisition of appropriate goods and/or services at the best possible total cost of ownership to meet the needs of the purchaser in terms of quality and quantity, time, and location)...

04 Mars 2008

Mathematical Solution for the attitude of Phoenix lander's radar (rapport de stage)

Rapport de stage - 27 pages - Mathématiques

I was very lucky to go to the United States and finally get this kind of an internship because, I had been given the opportunity to work in one of the most productive scientific sector of the country, The Californian Institute of Technology. This American college is one of the research centres of...

28 Nov. 2011

AMD: A customer-centric approach to innovation

Rapport de stage - 9 pages - Management organisation

AMD was founded in 19691 by Jerry Sanders, formerly of Fairchild Semiconductor. The company started to focus on microprocessors in the mid 1970s. It designed and manufactured microprocessors for the computing, communications, and consumer electronics market. The company employed 9,000 employees2....

16 Nov. 2011

Operation Management

Rapport de stage - 8 pages - Stratégie

“There have been many significant changes in operations management during the past few years, involving such aspects as quality, reduction in inventory and costs, improving delivery and lead times.” We are going to discuss these changes, the consequences and expectations for...

08 Janv. 2012

Strategic thinking for managers

Rapport de stage - 12 pages - Stratégie

As the EFE Matrix in this document shows, the most important external factors in order to be successful in the industry are technological advancements and the fact that only 10% of the hearing affected people actually possess the hearing aid. Local health policies like in France, for example,...

14 févr. 2008

Placement report: The launch of eBay in an OXFAM charity shop

Rapport de stage - 50 pages - Management organisation

From the 13th of May to the 4th of August, I was in Bristol, a town from the South West of England. From the beginning, I knew that I wanted to go to England because it is the nearest country to learn English and also because I was interested to discover its culture its system a little more. My...

27 févr. 2008

Software business models for AUTOSAR automotive world standard (rapport de stage, 2006)

Rapport de stage - 12 pages - Informatique

AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open Standard ARchitecture) is a promising initiative that aims at establishing open standards for automotive E/E architecture. AUTOSAR compliant basic software ensures independency of the application software from the underlying hardware and allows modularity as well as...

28 Nov. 2011

Strategic Management: Stribe Stout Company

Rapport de stage - 12 pages - Management organisation

Tribe Stout Company was founded in 1980 by John Murphy, a former Brewer who was awarded for his products. This is a small family-run company composed of about twenty employees. The company is in a very touristy city of Ireland, Galway. It creates local beer sold in hotels and bars only inside the...

03 Nov. 2010

International development: Renault-Nissan Alliance

Rapport de stage - 25 pages - Management organisation

Offer diversity 1) Expansion of their ranges of products Component and platform sharing 2) Internationalization of sales Manufacturing advantages 1)Taking the most of each production system - Increased Renault's productivity by 15% 2)Creation of the AIMS which will be used in India and...

10 août 2009

Micro-contact printing for immobilization of DNA on surfaces

Rapport de stage - 35 pages - Biologie

The growing interest in DNA biochips for rapid detection of diseases, infections, genetic contaminations, and hereditary illnesses necessitates the understanding of how DNA macromolecules may be immobilized on surfaces with high density, reproducibility and precision. These are the reasons why...

27 août 2010

Proton exchange membrane fuel cell

Rapport de stage - 26 pages - Physique

My three month internship took place in National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in Tainan, south city of Taiwan. The National Cheng Kung University is ranked the second among all universities nationwide. I worked in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The Department focuses on intense...

28 Oct. 2009

Comment Dacia a-t-elle su conquérir et séduire le marché français ?

Rapport de stage - 26 pages - Management organisation

Le secteur automobile s'est très rapidement aperçu des opportunités de développement à l'étranger. Il s'est ainsi ouvert à l'Europe, recherchant à développer les ventes de véhicules à l'international et à fidéliser une clientèle étrangère : on parle donc de mondialisation du...

27 mai 2015

Croissance de micro-algues au sein d'une lagune à forte charge : Influence du temps de rétention hydraulique sur la production de biomasse et sur les capacités de traitement (français et anglais)

Rapport de stage - 7 pages - Biologie

Les lagunes à hautes charges (désignées par l'acronyme anglais HRAP pour High Rate Algal Ponds) sont des systèmes naturels destinés à l'épuration d'eaux résiduelles issues de l'industrie ou de zones urbaines. Ce système repose sur une interaction entre les micro-algues de ces lagunes (qui...

17 Sept. 2013

Rapport de stage en tant qu'assistant direction logistique et produit vol chez Air France-KLM

Rapport de stage - 12 pages - Logistique

Air France est la principale compagnie aérienne française. Air France a été fondée en 1933, ses activités principales sont le transport de passagers, de fret ainsi que la maintenance et l'entretien des avions. Elle dessert les principaux aéroports français, ainsi qu'un très grand nombre...

18 Janv. 2010

Rapport de stage au sein d'EADS SOCATA

Rapport de stage - 37 pages - Management organisation

L'objectif de ce stage était de mettre en pratique l'ensemble des compétences acquises durant mon parcours universitaire et plus particulièrement celles relatives à la fonction achat dans une entreprise internationale industrielle.

19 déc. 2011

Case study of Chalet Exquis, an online business

Rapport de stage - 19 pages - Stratégie

“The range of digital media is vast and is growing rapidly. The internet provides a wide variety of activities, including electronic mail, global information access and retrieval systems, discussion groups, multiplayer's games and file transfer facilities.” (chris fill, fifth edition)....

02 Janv. 2012

Strategic management

Rapport de stage - 8 pages - Management organisation

Context: Our firm, SYNERGIA is a medium-sized company that makes environmentally friendly cosmetics - cosmetics cover different and important sectors of goods such as make-up, alcoholic fragrance, beauty and care products, hair care, body products (…) We operate, up to this present-day,...

03 Janv. 2011

Lustucru Lunch Box: Reviewing the distribution strategy of the Lunch Box

Rapport de stage - 60 pages - Stratégie

Analysis: 1. Story of Lustucru & the Lunch Box: Assessing Lustucru brand expertise on the market 2. The Lunch Box in stores: Assessing Lustucru category management & Supply Chain expertise 3. Channels profiling: Searching for new ideas to develop the Lunch Box presence in distribution channels...

09 Mars 2008

Rapport de stage: Renault

Rapport de stage - 15 pages - Marketing automobile

Mon stage se déroule au sein de la Direction de Métiers de Réseau (DMR) de la Direction du Service. J'y ai été accueillie par Mme. Marie-Laure Viallard, mon responsable de stage, le Chef du Service Développement Réseau. Ce stage intitulé « Aide à la mise en place d'une stratégie de distribution...

06 févr. 2011

Tata Motors: Current and new business strategies

Rapport de stage - 11 pages - Management organisation

With USD 8.8 billion revenues in 2007-08, Tata Motors is the largest Indian automobile company; it holds a very good place on the Indian market because it is the leader in commercial vehicles and among the top three in passenger vehicles. The company is also the world's fourth largest truck...

23 Nov. 2011

Recruitment and selection

Rapport de stage - 14 pages - Ressources humaines

The process of recruitment and selection is fundamental within the function of Human resources. It defines itself as the research for candidates by taking into account the necessary adequacy between the needs of the company and the profiles of the candidates. The objective being that the...

06 déc. 2011

The Distribution Channel

Rapport de stage - 64 pages - Stratégie

A distribution channel is a way of delivering goods and services between the manufacturers and the customers. The distribution channel is chosen to cover the widest possible target market Choices of the decisions about the product (definition, caracteristics, packaging…) What is the...

28 avril 2009

Quelle stratégie de communication pour le pays du Périgord Noir ?

Rapport de stage - 60 pages - Communication

Les objectifs du Pays d'Accueil Touristique sont multiples. Tout d'abord, il mutualise les informations touristiques de l'ensemble du Périgord Noir et les rend accessibles à tous les agents des Offices du Tourisme. Mais il doit également permettre au Périgord Noir de fournir des...

30 Mars 2011

MaxRoam analysis

Rapport de stage - 10 pages - Stratégie

MaxRoam is a service provided by Cubic Telecom, a global mobile communications company. Actually, MaxRoam is a small agency based in Ireland, which employs currently less than 20 people. MaxRoam was the first to sell micro Sims for iPads, beating all the big telecommunications companies. MaxRoam...

02 déc. 2010

De l'élaboration au déploiement de la stratégie Renault

Rapport de stage - 39 pages - Stratégie

Renault, la première marque en notoriété spontanée de France, n'est plus une entreprise à présenter (enquête de la TNS Sofres). En effet, depuis de longues années la marque a accompagné les Français dans les changements qui sont survenus : les deux guerres mondiales, la banalisation de...

23 août 2017

Déploiement d'une plateforme logistique - Airbus, division hélicoptère

Rapport de stage - 26 pages - Stratégie

Pour cette dernière année d'étude de Master 2 Management des Risques, de la Qualité et Ingénierie de la Décision j'ai effectué mon alternance du 1er novembre 2016 au 30 septembre 2017 soit 11 mois chez Airbus Helicopters à Marignane. Une entreprise aéronautique franco-allemande depuis 1992...