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Importance of HRM for small and medium sized companies

Rapport de stage de 6 pages de 2011 - Ressources humaines

At the time of globalization, organizations, which can be regarded as an entity or a social system in its own right, are being forced to adapt to business environments which involve quick responses to change, such as new laws, social trends and a new segment of customers, in order to sustain...


Placement report: Assurances générales de France of Allianz AGF

Rapport de stage de 24 pages de 2008 - Finance

The AGF Group is a major player in insurance and financial services, both in France and in more than twenty countries around the world. It has more than 60 billion clients from more than 70 countries world-wide. Backed by the n° 1 in European insurance, Allianz AG, of which it is a major entity,...


Is liberalism compatible with paternalism?

Rapport de stage de 3 pages de 2010 - Questions sociales

Paternalism and liberalism seem to be two very interlinked concepts in modern societies. It is true for both economical matters and social matters. For example, our Western 'liberal democracies' governments can provide huge amounts of money during the crisis to refund the banks-...


Living one semester abroad: Overseas experience report

Rapport de stage de 24 pages de 2010 - Sciences de l'éducation

But when I look back now that summer seemed to last forever and if I had the choice yes, I'd always want to be there. Those were the best days of my life'. This quotation of Canadian singer Bryan Adams sums up pretty well what I think about my exchange program in the United States, with...


Analysis of the shampoo market

Rapport de stage de 8 pages de 2011 - Marketing tourisme

Beauty and hair care product business is witnessed as a popular and fast growing business. Lots of people spend on beauty and hair care products like shampoo, hair conditioner, hair treatment and so on. So a hair care product has a great potential market because it has a significant influence on...


The French economic diplomacy towards China

Rapport de stage de 7 pages de 2012 - Relations internationales

Bilateral trade between France and China has developed dramatically over the last twenty years. From about €10 billion in 1995, trade volume increased to more than €40 billion today. The annual growth rates of these exchanges- apart from 2009, marked by the global crisis- have reached...


Rapport de stage : la communication du groupe Accor

Rapport de stage de 11 pages de 2012 - Communication

Accor, groupe français né en 1967, est le premier groupe hôtelier européen, avec 37 % de son chiffre d'affaires réalisé en France et 38 % réalisé en Europe hors France. Il se classe deuxième au niveau mondial derrière Intercontinental. Au 31 décembre 2010, Accor compte plus de 4 200 hôtels...


Rapport de stage - Service communication Accor

Rapport de stage de 18 pages de 2012 - Communication

Partie 1 : Présentation de l'entreprise, de son secteur d'activité et des missions effectuées 1) Le Groupe Accor, leader européen dans l'hôtellerie économique et haut de gamme Accor, groupe français né en 1967, est le premier groupe hôtelier européen, avec 37 % de son chiffre d'affaires réalisé...


Hôtel le Pinarello (rapport de stage)

Rapport de stage de 34 pages de 2008 - Marketing tourisme

Le tourisme est une activité fragile car réceptive aussi bien aux éléments conjoncturels que structurels. La prise de conscience tardive de l'importance du tourisme dans le fonctionnement économique de la Corse nécessite donc la mise au point d'une politique capable de définir un modèle...


C.V. et Y.G., deux anciens camarades d'école hôtelière, se sont réunis dans le souhait de répondre à une demande bien spécifique de la part des entreprises pour l'organisation de leurs séminaires et congrès dans des établissements indépendants haut de gamme. Ainsi naquit en 2000 le groupe Hôtels...

La socie?te? CTP (Clouzet Te?le?phonie Prive?e) est une entreprise spe?cialise?e dans les services de te?le?communication par l'inte?gration de solutions technologiques pour des structures TPE, PME-PMI, grandes entreprises et administrations. La socie?te? CTP est une socie?te? a? responsabilite?...

Afin d'élargir et de perfectionner mes connaissances professionnelles, j'ai choisi d'intégrer, suite à l'obtention de mon baccalauréat, l'Ecole de Gestion et de Commerce de Rodez (EGC).


The changing meaning of luxury in Europe

Rapport de stage de 50 pages de 2010 - Stratégie

No longer reserved for the selected few, luxury is now within the reach of a much larger consumer segment. In this analysis we ask Europeans what constitutes „luxury? in their everyday life. As the prospects for obtaining a certain level of material wealth is fulfilled - or it is within...


Intership Report - Rocky Springs station

Rapport de stage de 25 pages de 2006 - Management organisation

This year, I spent 12 weeks on Rocky Springs Station: a cattle farm in North Queensland. I met people who helped me to understand a new way of farming in a different environment. North Queensland is a wild area with a very strong climatic pressure where it is very difficult to breed cattle....


Strategic Marketing of Caroll in China

Rapport de stage de 16 pages de 2011 - Théories marketing

The fashion sector is a constantly an evolving sector. In order to be successful and sustainable in this sector, it is essential to keep it updated with the new trends. It is important to have consumer awareness, in order to propose clothes according to their needs. It is a constant race between...


Le Tre Caravelle is a marketing company specialized in the field of tourism, hotel and real estate. This company, based in Milan, primarily works off line on advertising and events, such as "planning and management of multi-media campaign, stands and fairs", but also and more particularly online,...


The launch of hairdressing salon "Tchip" in Australia

Rapport de stage de 32 pages de 2011 - Stratégie

The objective of this report is to launch the hairdressing salon “Tchip” in Australia. In France, Tchip is directed by Franck François and is part of the VOG group. Franck Francois is the founder of the concept of low cost hair salons and nowadays, Tchip is the leader in its sector. Its...

During June and July, I did my first internship in a public relations company based in London, called Bell Pottinger. I didn't know exactly what the challenges were in this field, so it was a chance to learn many new things. Chime Communications PLC is the holding company of 35 companies which...


Comparison of the British counter terrorist policies and strategies: The IRA and Al Qaeda

Rapport de stage de 5 pages de 2011 - Relations internationales

This essay compares the British strategies toward two different cases: the IRA and Al Qaeda. It underlines the main similarities and differences in both cases and also gives an overview of their historical facts. Through the comparison of both cases, this essay shows how the similarities are...


Promoting Democracy

Rapport de stage de 8 pages de 2011 - Sciences politiques

Chapter four of Payne's book deals with the notion of democracy, which is a very old one. Democracy is a process, that is to say it is in constant evolution. Today, we can say that most developed countries are democratic, and each country has followed a different path to achieve democracy. The...


There are many definitions for fair trade, however, none of which have been accepted as a standard definition. The Fairtrade Foundation, Oxfam and Traidcraft have agreed the following common definition of fair trade: “Fair Trade is an alternative approach to conventional international trade....


Report of internship and scholarship in London, Asia and USA

Rapport de stage de 16 pages de 2007 - Marketing international

American people make very universal and formal workers. They plan everything and tend to never change their schedule. They are always looking for effectiveness and efficiency at work by imposing one way to resolve a problem and applying it everywhere in the company at any time or any place....


Walmart Overseas: An analysis

Rapport de stage de 13 pages de 2011 - Stratégie

The idea behind what would become Walmart was a store that would offer a large variety and volume of products offered at low prices, everyday. Sam and J.L. Walton, the founders of Walmart, believed that American small towns would benefit from a large retail shopping center because of the everyday...


Tata Motors: Current and new business strategies

Rapport de stage de 11 pages de 2011 - Management organisation

With USD 8.8 billion revenues in 2007-08, Tata Motors is the largest Indian automobile company; it holds a very good place on the Indian market because it is the leader in commercial vehicles and among the top three in passenger vehicles. The company is also the world's fourth largest truck...


Business Développement: La Fromagerie Fresh Foods Pvt, Bangalore, Inde

Rapport de stage de 16 pages de 2012 - Management organisation

Une candidature spontanée à La Fromagerie Fresh Foods Pvt. Ltd m'a permis d'obtenir ce stage. Ma recherche de stage s'est faite assez méthodiquement car je savais parfaitement le genre d'entreprise qui aurait pu m'intéresser. Je souhaitais une entreprise jeune évoluant sur un marché en pleine...


Container Link

Rapport de stage de 10 pages de 2008 - Management organisation

On the occasion of my first year with the La Rochelle Graduate School of Management, I undertook my work placement in a company called Container Link, in Poole, in the south-east of England. This experience, lasting three months, gave me the opportunity to live through a total immersion in an...


Tag Heuer Strategy: Comparative Analysis of Switzerland and UAE

Rapport de stage de 37 pages de 2011 - Stratégie

Tag Heuer, which was founded in 1860, occupies a niche segment of the Swiss watch and clock industry, which was founded by Jean Calvin in Geneva towards the end of the 16th century. Watches constitute Switzerland's third biggest export (after chemicals and industrial machines) with a turnover...


Cross-cultural training in highly diverse environments

Rapport de stage de 2 pages de 2011 - Ressources humaines

In the early 60s, international assignment started to reach local business environments. In those times, employees were sent to foreign subsidiaries for almost three years; expatriates were in charge of command and control over local nationals. In order to adapt themselves, they were trained on...


Rapport de stage dans une entreprise anglaise

Rapport de stage de 16 pages de 2008 - Management organisation

On the occasion of my first year within La Rochelle Graduate School of Management, I made my work placement in the company Container Link, in Poole, in the south-east of England. This experience, lasting three months, is the opportunity to live through a total immersion in an English-speaking...


L'entreprise AGE édite et conçoit des documents visant à sensibiliser et/ou à former les employés aux thèmes de la santé, la sécurité au travail, et l'environnement. Ainsi, l'entreprise touche un public assez varié tout comme : les cadres, les agents de maîtrise, les ouvriers et les employés ;...