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L'Intérim concerne deux millions de personnes en France. Dans un contexte où les recruteurs n'ont pas de visibilité et préfèrent se montrer prudents, cet outil les séduit par sa flexibilité et sa souplesse. Cependant, l'étude intervient à un moment où la conjoncture, qu'elle soit mondiale ou...


Rapport de stage chez S.T.A.T. à Milan

Rapport de stage de 10 pages de 2009 - Management organisation

I worked as a secretary during two months in a society called S.T.A.T. This company offers its services to small communes to collect taxes. Indeed in Italy each commune is intended to collect taxes for the state. There is no public service like the French one to collect taxes. It is the commune's...


ELB International Trading & Sourcing Company, China June/ July 2008

Rapport de stage de 14 pages de 2009 - Marketing international

China, 'The monster', 'The dragon of Asia', many names can define the perfectly economic, demographic, and geopolitic weight of this country in the world. Newly on the front of the international media stage due to the Olympic Games, China also speaks about it's economic ground. According to the...

Mon stage au sein de l'entreprise AXA France en tant que gestionnaire des contrats d'assurance-vie, m'a permis d'observer les différents flux d'affaires relatifs aux contrats d'assurance-vie. En effet, j'ai pu observer depuis mon arrivée le volume d'affaires qui est généré au sein du service...

This is the report about my placement in EUREKA!, the children's museum in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England. In the following pages, this report attempts to highligh a global view of a design project such as a children's waiting room in a hospital and on a wider scale, the work of an exhibition...


Le Tre Caravelle is a marketing company specialized in the field of tourism, hotel and real estate. This company, based in Milan, primarily works off line on advertising and events, such as "planning and management of multi-media campaign, stands and fairs", but also and more particularly online,...


Rapport de stage commercial : école de langue

Rapport de stage de 34 pages de 2007 - Linguistique

This report deals with the methods of a language school. First and foremost, we will focus on how work a language school, and its features so different from the French system. In a second part, we will concentrate our review on the impact of Communication within a company. Eventually, the report...


Internship report: Hypovereinsbank

Rapport de stage de 17 pages de 2007 - Management organisation

In the south east of Asia, Hong Kong is located on the eastern side of the Pearl River Delta. The territory was a British colony since 1842 and returned to China in 1997. Since this date, Hong Kong is called The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Half independent, half Chinese, the region...


Business Développement: La Fromagerie Fresh Foods Pvt, Bangalore, Inde

Rapport de stage de 16 pages de 2012 - Management organisation

Une candidature spontanée à La Fromagerie Fresh Foods Pvt. Ltd m'a permis d'obtenir ce stage. Ma recherche de stage s'est faite assez méthodiquement car je savais parfaitement le genre d'entreprise qui aurait pu m'intéresser. Je souhaitais une entreprise jeune évoluant sur un marché en pleine...


Rapport de stage dans une brasserie

Rapport de stage de 11 pages de 2006 - Management organisation

Rapport de stage en anglais réalisé dans une brasserie à Malte. Celui-ci présente dans un premier temps l'entreprise, puis le système organisationnel de l'entreprise, avant d'aborder une critique sur le système de management. Document de 11 pages au format Word.

During June and July, I did my first internship in a public relations company based in London, called Bell Pottinger. I didn't know exactly what the challenges were in this field, so it was a chance to learn many new things. Chime Communications PLC is the holding company of 35 companies which...


Internship report in Fleetway Travel Plc

Rapport de stage de 20 pages de 2008 - Marketing produit

During 4 months, I had the opportunity to be an intern at Fleetway Travel Plc. The company, based in the heart of Central London, offers many travel products at competitive prices, including tailor-made breaks, flights, hotels, car hire, and travel insurance. I had never worked in the tourism...


Interview of a sales person of Renault in Guyancourt

Rapport de stage de 7 pages de 2011 - Management organisation

The interview was conducted in Renault Guyancourt, the Renault Center, close to Paris. The interview was arranged by me since the salesperson interviewed is my cousin. First of all, I have to say that it was rather hard to manage a time when we were both available which is the reason why, I first...


The changing meaning of luxury in Europe

Rapport de stage de 50 pages de 2010 - Stratégie

No longer reserved for the selected few, luxury is now within the reach of a much larger consumer segment. In this analysis we ask Europeans what constitutes „luxury? in their everyday life. As the prospects for obtaining a certain level of material wealth is fulfilled - or it is within...


There are many definitions for fair trade, however, none of which have been accepted as a standard definition. The Fairtrade Foundation, Oxfam and Traidcraft have agreed the following common definition of fair trade: “Fair Trade is an alternative approach to conventional international trade....


Strategic Management: Stribe Stout Company

Rapport de stage de 12 pages de 2011 - Management organisation

Tribe Stout Company was founded in 1980 by John Murphy, a former Brewer who was awarded for his products. This is a small family-run company composed of about twenty employees. The company is in a very touristy city of Ireland, Galway. It creates local beer sold in hotels and bars only inside the...


Service comptabilité d'Unilabs

Rapport de stage de 35 pages de 2008 - Comptabilité

Le stage de première année du magistère de gestion revêtait pour moi une importance centrale : n'étant pas encore certaine du chemin que je veux emprunter à la fin de mes études, je souhaitais mettre à profit cette expérience pour essayer d'affiner mon choix. Attirée par la comptabilité générale,...

Leroy Merlin décide de s'implanter en Grèce en 2005. Pendant plus de deux ans, l'entreprise entreprendra des études et des analyses avant de lancer son premier magasin en 2007, à l'aéroport Venizélos d'Athènes. Aujourd'hui, 5 ans plus tard, Leroy Merlin Grèce compte 5 magasins, dont un à Chypre....


Implantation d'un complexe hôtelier en République d'Irlande (Rapport de stage)

Rapport de stage de 9 pages de 2007 - Marketing tourisme

A l'issue de ma première année de BTS Commerce International, j'ai effectué un stage de 9 semaines en République d'Irlande, au service Marketing de Park Inn Hotel à Dundalk, dans le comté de Louth, région située au Nord-est du pays. Park Inn est une nouvelle enseigne hôtelière milieu de gamme...


The action of the International Monetary Fund in the world

Rapport de stage de 6 pages de 2010 - Relations internationales

“The International Monetary Fund is established and shall operate in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement as originally adopted and subsequently amended” asserts the first clause of the Articles of Agreement. Set up after the Second World War as a response to the world...


Does Islamic finance have the potential to develop in France?

Rapport de stage de 4 pages de 2011 - Théories économiques

Since the opening of the first Islamic bank in Egypt in 1963, Islamic finance has exponentially increased in influence and visibility worldwide. While it remains a small player in the world of finance (0.5%), Islamic finance is becoming increasingly important due to significant increases in oil...


International logistics and procurement (2010-2011)

Rapport de stage de 15 pages de 2011 - Logistique

Definition of procurement: It can be defined as the purchase of goods or services at the optimum possible cost, in the correct amount and quality. These goods/services are also purchased at the correct time and location by signing a contract. Definition of logistics: It is to get the right...


Strategic Marketing of Caroll in China

Rapport de stage de 16 pages de 2011 - Théories marketing

The fashion sector is a constantly an evolving sector. In order to be successful and sustainable in this sector, it is essential to keep it updated with the new trends. It is important to have consumer awareness, in order to propose clothes according to their needs. It is a constant race between...


Stage dans un point de vente Cache-Cache, enseigne du groupe Beaumanoir

Rapport de stage de 15 pages de 2013 - Marketing mode

Ces vingt dernières années, on a pu constater de profonds bouleversements sur le marché du prêt-à-porter. L'année 2008 a été une année difficile pour tous les acteurs du secteur avec, selon l'Institut Français de la Mode (IFM), un recul de 3 % des ventes d'habillement et de textiles. Avec une...


Assistante relations presse à l'agence de communication Publicis

Rapport de stage de 30 pages de 2010 - Communication

Publicis est une agence spécialisée dans la communication française qui a été fondé en 1927 par Marcel Bleustein Blanchet. Actuellement, le Directeur Général est Maurice Levy. Publicis est un groupement d'agences présent sur les cinq continents, dans 104 pays (soit des agences dans 196 villes à...

‘EU enlargement generally means increasing the size of the Union by incorporating additional members. This is a process that can take a number of years, as the candidate states attempt to align their economy and regulatory structures to those agreed to by the existing members. The decision...


Multinational business and globalization

Rapport de stage de 6 pages de 2011 - Stratégie

Above all, let's start by explaining what globalization is. Many definitions exist some are too minimalist, others too general. The term used to describe the current state of the global economy has become a fashionable word. We retain that: “Globalization is a process (or set of processes)...


Strategic management

Rapport de stage de 8 pages de 2012 - Management organisation

Context: Our firm, SYNERGIA is a medium-sized company that makes environmentally friendly cosmetics - cosmetics cover different and important sectors of goods such as make-up, alcoholic fragrance, beauty and care products, hair care, body products (…) We operate, up to this present-day,...


Rapport de stage : relations presse chez Publicis

Rapport de stage de 31 pages de 2010 - Autres médias

J'effectue ma deuxième année de DUT Techniques de Commercialisation à l'IUT d'Evry où il est demandé aux étudiants de réaliser un stage d'une durée de deux mois afin de valider notre diplôme.


Projet proxy Squid

Rapport de stage de 19 pages de 2011 - Informatique

Présent sur le marché européen depuis 1993 à travers des partenariats commerciaux avec les principaux industriels de la carte, m2m EUROPE a accompagné plusieurs institutions financières en Europe Centrale et de l'Est dans la modernisation de leurs systèmes de paiement et la réussite de leur...