Placement report: The launch of eBay in an OXFAM charity shop

Placement report: The launch of eBay in an OXFAM charity shop

Résumé du document

From the 13th of May to the 4th of August, I was in Bristol, a town from the South West of England. From the beginning, I knew that I wanted to go to England because it is the nearest country to learn English and also because I was interested to discover its culture its system a little more. My strategy to find a work placement was to choose the city before the company. I really did not want to be in the countryside, far from the city centre. London was the first town which attracted my attention, most of all thanks to its potential regarding companies. After a few researches about accommodation and the cost of life, I changed my mind because it was really expensive. I chose Bristol because it is one of the biggest cities of England and also because a lot of people who have been there were pleased about their stay. I heard about OXFAM GB in the IUP because there was an offer in an Oxfam shop in Oxford. I decided to apply to Oxfam in Bristol: I went to the Oxfam website and found several Oxfam shops in Bristol. I sent an e-mail to all of them, explaining why I wanted to work in Oxfam. Two managers of two different shops in the same street replied because they were interested in my application. I had to choose between a bookshop and a more general shop (selling clothing, “bric-a-brac”, fair trade food…)


  1. Introduction.
  2. Presentation of the company.
    1. This is Oxfam.
    2. The history of Oxfam shops.
    3. The Oxfam shop I worked for.
  3. Launch pf Ebay in the Oxfam shop.
    1. eBay: A new way of selling for Oxfam.
    2. The functioning of eBay according to Oxfam.
    3. Results and analysis.
  4. Cultural astonishment.
  5. Conclusion.

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  • Nombre de pages : 50 pages
  • Publié le : 14/02/2008
  • Langue : anglais
  • Consulté : 4 fois
  • Format : .doc

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